Guitar String Cleaner - Clean Strings in No Time (No Oil Needed)

  • $14.99

We provide worldwide shipping!  
  • 15 seconds and all the dirt, sweat, and oils from your fingers will be gone from the strings

  • Fits on all guitars - 6-strings, 7-strings, 12-strings, and even nylonstring guitars

  • The fresh feeling of new strings will last longer

  • The stringtone will stay crisp for a longer time


Do you also struggle with dirty, rusty strings?

Keeping your strings clean, can be a pain in the neck. When we play our lovely guitar, we slide up and down the fretboard, bend the strings, hammer on and pull off. All of this leaves a lot of dirt, sweat and oils from you fingers. 

If you want to keep the string tone and playability longer, the String Cleaner is the perfect tool. 

When you're done fiddlin', simply take the string cleaner and clamp it around the strings. Then, slide it up and down the strings a few times, and that's it. That's all there is to it. 

Doing this short, 20 second procedure after every practice session, will extend the life of your strings noticeably. The String Cleaner works on ALL guitars - 6-strings, 7-strings, 12-strings, and even nylonstring guitar!

***Due to high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for US delivery, and 4-5 weeks for International.***

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